3kw drivable solar system (Taylor Dunn)

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Off grid




Lancaster, CA 93535


1.3kw solar array with 3kw continuous Inverter 9kwh of batteries. all pack on a Flat bed Taylor Dunn for easy portability. This system can handle all your portable power needs up to 3kw of usage and a surge capability of 6kw. The solar means you can park it where you need power and forget about it. (Not the best off road driver because it can get stuck if your not extra cautious.)

Safety Details Be cautious while driving because the top solar array is bigger than the cart itself making it easy to run into stuff with the solar on top. The smaller wheels on it make it have really low clearance and can bottom out on the axle really easy in soft dirt. It can drive at a top speed of 21mph so please be careful and don’t drive that fast without lots of room and very flat ground.
1 Day $200.00
1 Week $750.00
1 Month $2,500.00