Raised bed Plastic Mulch Layer

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This equipment has a minimum rental period of 4 hours.


Rain-flo Mini Layer




Stuart, OK 74570


Will Lay 4' Plastic; 56" Minimum Row Spacing • Requires Minimum 40 HP w/ 4-Wheel Drive • Extra Narrow Machine for High Tunnels • On the Go Turn Buckle Cover Disk Adjustment • Adjustable 3" to 5" Bed Height • Adjustable Weight with Water Tank for Firmer Press Bed • Adjustable Tension Brake on Plastic Roll Carriers • Replaceable, Reversible Plow Shears • ½" UHMW Poly Lined Bed Press • Category I & II 3-Point Hitch

Safety Details No riders on this machine . Operators need to read and understand all the precautions . Keep people away when lifting and lowering the machine . Be careful when turning around; machine is nearly 8’ long . Do not crawl under the machine when lifted . Cover discs are sharp; stay clear . Do not adjust the machine when it is moving . Do not stand on machine . Tractor operator is responsible for extra worker (s) around machine . Rain-Flo Irrigation is not responsible for accidents if any should occur .
4 Hours $30.00
1 Day $100.00
1 Week $550.00