Water Wheel Transplanter

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This equipment has a minimum rental period of 4 hours.






Stuart, OK 74570


One or two planting wheels can be used at a time. When using only one wheel, slide plumbing to one side of wheel or when using two wheels put plumbing in center. Planting wheels are set in position with two bolts in center of wheel and can be moved sideways on the axle shaft. Planting wheels will flex up and down over uneven terrain.

Safety Details No riders beyond the speed of 3 MPH. Be sure you read and understand all the precautions. Keep people away when lifting and lowering the machine. Be careful when turning around; machine is 8’ long. Do not crawl under the machine while it is lifted. Do not adjust the machine when it is moving. Do not stand on the machine. Do not sit on machine except on designated seat. Do not add chemicals to water tank unless planters wear hand protection. Planter operators must keep their feet on foot rest when planting. Tractor operator is responsible for extra worker(s) around machine. Rain-Flo is not responsible for accidents if any should occur.
4 Hours $30.00
1 Day $100.00
1 Week $550.00